Welcome to the threshold of innovative Christian education.  Redwood College is leading the way through Biblical worldview education.  Opening in 2018, we plan to not only grow in number and size, but also in our contribution to this country, through the students who will leave our premises with goals and a vision for their future.

Our Vision

We want to equip students for their God ordained role in life, by providing a high quality, Biblically based education.

Day SchoolRedwood College Site Plan

Redwood College is a small, independent day school, providing excellence in Biblical worldview education. Its purpose designed classrooms cater for multi-age learning from Foundation to Year 12 (Prep to Year 2, Year 11 & Year 12 in 2019.) Located in a rural bushland setting, surrounded by acreage, it provides students with a quiet and engaging learning environment.

Distance Education

Redwood College Distance Education provides students and families, with Foundation to Year 12 (Years 11 & 12 in 2019) education and instruction on a Personalized System of Instruction. Redwood College’s standard of service includes: interactive teaching methods and materials, collaborative learning events, excellent communication procedures, regular tracking and assessment of work and regular monitoring of student achievement. Teachers will work closely with students and parents to ensure students receive a well-balanced, high quality education.

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