Statement of Faith

  • There is one Triune God, consisting of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.
  • The Bible is the infallible, inherent and inspired Word of God. It is the sole authority for doctrine and practice of the Christian Faith.
  • All things were created by God for his glory.
  • Humanity has been created in the image of God – unique, valuable and having an eternal spirit. Sin entered through an initial act of disobedience by Adam, spreading to every person and separating humanity from God.
  • Jesus came as the Son of God, in the form of a human to redeem us and to restore relationship with God.
  • All believers have been commissioned to make disciples; baptising them and teaching them, training them to live the abundant life Jesus has provided through his death and resurrection.
  • The local church is a God-inspired concept, the visible body of Christ at work in a local community.
  • The believer can enjoy a life of victory over sin, self, and the world by reckoning himself dead unto sin and alive unto God and being constantly filled with the Holy Spirit by faith, abiding constantly in Christ.